The Importance of Finding an Appropriate Study Method

Erica Chavez

DURHAM HIGH-Over the years many students have experienced the feeling of being overwhelmed with test-taking at school. Whether it is test anxiety or the lack of preparation, almost every high school student has experienced this at one point or another. There are many things that a student can do to help benefit them during their exams and to ensure that they get the highest score they possibly can. Mallory Merlo, a current Durham High senior, has been attending Durham since kindergarten.

Merlo stated, “Doing well on a test depends on how much you prepare previously.” Many students do not realize that simple things they do in their everyday lives can have a deep effect on how well they perform academically. Finding a study method that accommodates your life is essential. 

“Everyone is different, just find out what works for you,” Merlo advised the students of Durham High. 

Finding a method to study for quizzes or tests is important, not only for your high school career, but it is also particularly essential if a student is planning on attending a college or university after high school. There are ways the majority of students use to study; such as using flashcards or annotating a piece of literature they are reading. 

It is important for students to broaden their horizons and find different ways to study as it is difficult to use the same method for every subject in school. “I don’t really know what kind of learner I am so I do a bit of everything,” Merlo said with a bright smile on her face. Students are advised to do the same as Merlo and research as many study methods as they can so they can be prepared for the tests they will take. 

High school teachers presume that students already know what they should do to prepare for their tests. The truth is that many students are not taught a diverse and efficient amount of methods during their elementary and intermediate school years. If students were to be taught different ways to study at an early age, they could arrive at high school better prepared to excel proficiently on their exams. 

“If a teacher presents a student more than two more ways of studying for a test I think students are bound to find a way that works for them,” Merlo commented.

There are many simple and effective methods that a student can use that will benefit them long term. According to an article published by Edward King on April 4, 2019, in the website, when students have consistent spaced-out study sessions, they will better retain information by interrailing practices and self-quizzing themselves. In order to avoid the chance of getting test anxiety, students should avoid studying for excessive amounts of time. 

It is important for students to take a good look at themselves and ask “What methods can I use that will help me improve my testing scores in the future?” When asked if Merlo had any final advice for her fellow peers struggling with academic tests she kindly nodded, “Never be afraid to ask others for help.”