The Future for Sports at DHS

The 2021 sports season at Durham High School is looking to be a bit grim, with this past year of COVID-19 leaving both athletes and spectators curious about the future of sports. CIF has put out a list of color-coded sports that label which sports will be allowed to resume play in the color tier they were assigned. As of right now, Butte County is in the purple tier, the highest tier. There are four tiers with each tier having fewer and fewer restrictions, and more sports available to choose from. 

Durham High School Athletic Director Tony Longueria commented on what sports are most likely to return, “Well right now, if we look at what the state came out with on the recommendations, in the purple tier we can do certain sports, like cross country, track, golf, tennis, swimming, and skiing.” Those sports are listed at the purple tier and some have already started their season. Coaches are encouraging athletes to look into those sports to keep themselves busy and active. 

Most athletes have found themselves curious about what they can do to stay prepared and ready in case their sport season returns. Longueira encourages athletes to stay fit, “We encourage athletes to look at swimming. If you’re swimming you’re staying in shape and staying fit. Coaches should keep their conditioning programs going.” Athletes should try to stay in shape and be well-conditioned in the hopes of their season returning. Athletes should consider trying out a new sport or perhaps revisiting an old one.

As for the schedule of sports seasons, CIF has stated that athletes can only participate in one sport at a time. Each sport has different guidelines, specific to that sport. The fall sports cut-off date is in April. After that winter and spring, sports will startup. “For a small school like us what’s probably going to end up happening is we’re going to end up combining a lot of sports at one time. We have multiple athletes that play multiple sports, which will make it tough on athletics.” Said Longueria. Many athletes that attend Durham play multiple sports and choose which sport they want to play the most. 

That is the future athletes face and it may not look so good for seniors either. After graduating high school, seniors have no extra year of eligibility, unlike college athletes who can retain a year of eligibility. Most seniors face the fact that they may not have a senior season, which is why Longueria and many other coaches put an emphasis on trying out new sports that are able to play.